The Strength in Peace

Permissive, weak, no discipline, no boundaries, coddling. I’ve heard all these in response to the idea of peaceful parenting. But in fact it takes the strongest of people to stay calm in the eye of the storm. There is nothing weak about meeting a child with love and compassion in their worst moments. Sometimes it would be so easy to yell or punish, but putting in the hard work during these early years will pay off in the years to come. I truly believe peaceful parenting takes the strongest of people. I know I am constantly slipping up and in my weak moments I try to remember what is at stake, the well-being of two beautiful souls who need my help to guide them through the world.

Here’s some reasons why those who use peaceful parenting are the strongest and most determined people:

  1. You are putting aside your own emotions to appropriately address the emotions of your child (no easy feat!).
  2. You combat anger with love and compassion.
  3. You are constantly putting yourself in the shoes of your child to better understand their feelings and emotions.
  4. You take the time to listen to your child, even when you want to do the talking.
  5. You do not punish, threaten, or yell, even though these methods sometimes yield the quickest results. Instead you take the time to converse and teach (it will pay off in the years to come).
  6. You have patience even when you’re patience is running low.
  7. You are setting aside the want for your child to obey and submit, so your child will instead learn to grow into their own person.
  8. You respect all feelings, the good and the bad.
  9. You are empathetic even when their problems don’t seem like problems to you.
  10. Above all you create a safe haven for your child, a home of peace where they can fully express themselves.



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