The Ten Commandments of Skiing with a Toddler

Skiing with a toddler can be an interesting experience. Here are ten commandments to follow for a good ski day with little ones.

  1. Thou shalt pack many a yummy snack
  2. Thou shalt ensure toddler’s toes and hands are always warm and toasty
  3. Thou shalt be ready for a range of emotions from toddler
  4. Thou shalt remember even one run is a day well spent with your toddler
  5. Thou shalt promise toddler hot chocolate in ski lodge in times of need
  6. Thou shalt be toddlers source of comfort in times of frustration or falls
  7. Thou shalt feed toddler often
  8. Thou shalt bring many a tissue for runny noses
  9. Thou shalt remember toddlers are fast when not attached to harness
  10. Thou shalt remember the number one goal is to have fun


I took my first skiing at 16 months a couple of times and just took my second for the first time the other day at 18 months. He loved it and signed more when we reached the bottom. My three year old is now whizzing down and enjoys his ski days with me. I love sharing my love of skiing with both of them. There’s no right age to start!


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