Snow Activities for Kids When You Feel Like You’ve Done Them All

If you live in a place where there is snow for more than 5+ months of the year, then you probably feel like you’ve done all the snow activities you can and are now itching for spring, I feel you. But we all know mother nature doesn’t care about our feelings, so here’s a list of alternative snow activities to keep your little ones busy that you may not have tried yet.

Snow Bridges

   IMG_4819  IMG_4831 IMG_4847

Do you have high snowbanks everywhere you look? Well this is the perfect activity to try.  Just get some planks of wood and lay them across the banks. Your children will have hours of fun walking the bridges, trying to balance, or jumping off. I also whipped up a quick ladder for my three year old to climb up the snowbanks to access a bridge over five and a half feet high. He loved it!

Maple Syrup Taffyhoney-sweet-syrup-organic.jpg

This is an activity adults and kids alike will love. Bring maple syrup to a boil over medium-high heat until it reads 115  degrees Celsius on a candy thermometer, or if you don’t have a thermometer you can eyeball it and once it starts to thicken test it on the snow (about ten mins, careful not to let it burn). If it’s too hard stir in some water, if it’s too soft boil for a little longer. If you trust your kids to be safe enough around boiling syrup give them a small cup each to pour onto clean snow (you can put snow in a container to make it easier). You can make patterns and pictures, or pour it onto Popsicle sticks to make taffy lollipops.

Snow Paint 


 IMG_4975     IMG_4976

Make your own cheap snow paint. You can use tempura paint mixed with water, food colouring, or I’ve also used ground chalk before and it works just as well. Find some old spray bottles or even water guns and fill them with the paint mixture. Your kids will have a great time spraying the snow and making art outdoors. If you’re in a place where it’s cold enough to freeze up the spray bottle try using hot water or a drop or two of vodka to stop freezing.

Treasure Hunt

What kid doesn’t like searching for treasure? Hide treasures among the snow and let your kids have a blast trying to find them. If your children are a bit older try turning it into a scavenger treasure hunt with clues that lead to the treasure.

Ice Chipping For Treasure                 


Fill a big container with water (and food colouring for some added fun!), and drop in some “treasures” (I used toys, marbles, coins, and nuts and bolts). Leave it overnight to freeze and take it out the next day. Let your kids go to town on the ice block with hammers or whatever else you think they’d enjoy using to find the “treasures”. I put a giant T-Rex into our ice block and told my three year old it needed rescuing. He loved this activity, mostly because he was allowed to use his hammer to actually smash something.

Target Practice

If you are bored of plain old snowball fights try a target practice game using snowballs. You can set up toys (we’ve used playmobil people, dinosaurs, and cars) and try to knock them down. You can set up bottles filled with coloured water that sprays out when hit. You can also build a snowman and see how much damage you can do to it with snowballs, honestly the ideas are limitless with this one.


Fill up a cup with compacted snow and pour over some juice or cordial. My boys really enjoy this special treat, especially in outdoor hot tubs.

Ice Building Blocks                 


Use whatever big and small containers you can think of and fill them up with water. Leave them all out overnight to freeze and let your child have hours of fun building outside with their own set of ice building blocks.





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